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Deciding on mobile app features and functions – part 1: who uses what?

September 7, 2017


It is commonly understood that mobile apps should have a clear focus and designed for that particular task.  I wanted to say single task,  but some require the ability to support more than this. Apple are very good at making this distinction,  so for example the email is separate from the calendar, which is seprate from messaging, calls […]

Mobile – When and where

November 25, 2015


when and where do people use, or not, their mobile.

Is the mobile web still distinct?

November 24, 2015


As I see the many figues on mobile web usage, and how a large percentage of teh developing world rely on mobile for their primary access,  I wonder if the disctinction between the Web and the Mobile Web is still good thinking. By :the web” I mean web sites designed for and used on PCs, […]

Mobile Enterprise Architecture thoughts from an expert at IBM

December 9, 2014


Listening to the architect of many IBM mobile applications, explain his reference architecture, he made some very interesting points, Now it must be said that they were made because the IBM products help fix them, and so I thought I should point that out. Of course many of the solutions can be non-IBM too! Firstly […]

iBeacons have arrived at Regent Street

July 3, 2014


    A mobile marketing friend of mine*, David, sent me this link … The Crown Estate is giving Regent Street a huge technology makeover, providing iBeacons in all stores in this area. Accompanied by an official Regent Street app, shoppers will be able to receive personalised offers and discounts, based on purchase and browsing history. “We want […]

Mobiles are changing the very way we think – Part 2

March 21, 2014


 [eds note: This post is too long,  so here it is in 15 words: Digital Natives and Immigrants are very different in how they use mobiles so design accordingly.] In the previous entry on this subject we looked at how mobiles are changing the way we think. In summary: We are ever more reliant on external memory, provided by […]

Proliferation of apps is a potential trap that could really erode your user’s trust.

September 19, 2013


The rise and rise of the apps. I have been talking a lot recently regarding enterprises and their use of mobile apps within their business, for all users be they employees, customers, parters etc, and have been hearing a troublesome thing … And that thing I keep hearing is that there will be a large […]

Apps for Enterprises: a simple classification

July 25, 2013


There is a lot of talk around applications in use business,  so called enterprise applications.  So firstly lets think of the types of applications We have Off the shelf These are those apps that you download from the public app stores and are mostly productivity apps, note takers, travel tools and the like.  Created by […]

MAM, MDM or MEAP – which mobile app platform is right for your org?

March 11, 2013


Here is a really simple flow to choose the level of platform you require. See an earlier post that describes what these platforms are. I have made some assumptions,  in order to keep this as simple as possible,  because once you start covering all the bases then it becomes unwieldy. I assume: The BYOD devices […]

Simple rules for an enterprise app …

January 3, 2013


  I was reading through IBM’s white paper “Capitalizing on mobile moments for Smarter Commerce“ and spotted this little Gem.  It’s not that it is a unique insight, or amazingly insightful,  but I think it is correct, short and a useful set of measures to apply,  so I thought hey this should be called out. Mobile moments are interactions with mobile […]