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Harmful Apps on Android Play store

August 30, 2019


I am often asked about the potential for the apps on the Play store to be harmful, and therefore make using Android devices unsafe in an enterprise setting. And I think that in the early days of Android this a perceived risk that and was often true.However the Android team have been tackling this problem […]

Is Cisco about to knock out the Mobile Operators ?

June 15, 2016


Its been heralded many times,  the cornering of the mobile operator into just being a dumb pipe.  WhatsApp and Instagram have stolen the messaging business.  Will Cisco Spark, and the other new incantations of VoiP (or VoLTE if you prefer, mean that their voice revenue will go the same way. Of course the operators will sell us bundles […]

Are Mobile Payments stalling ?

December 7, 2015


and of course, will they take off again anytime soon. Reports are coming on on the use of mobile payments over black , and the one everyone is quoting is InfoScout’s which shows that Apple Pay’s use on the day went down to half what it was last year, and was only used 2 in 100 […]

Mobile impact in Black Friday

December 3, 2014


[note  iwork for IBM,  so I thought I should declare that before you begin] So Black Friday has been and gone,  the last of the turkey has been eaten, and we are all back at work. IBM produces the reference report for Black Friday online sales, and for the last few years has looked at the […]

Showrooming – appears not to be as damaging as feared

March 25, 2014


Showrooming – you know,  this is where you’re checking online prices of something your looking at in a store in the real world, the fear being you just go ahead and order it online, rather than buy it from the store. This is a nightmare scenario for the stores involved, in particular smaller stores, that […]

Is using a tablet, in your house, a mobile use case ?

March 18, 2014


I have been looking at a range of usage figures for web sites,  and several well known online only shopping brands,  and research from IBM into black friday have been showing that about half of shoppers online are using tablets,  and the inference is drawn that this is a growth in mobile e-commerce. And I […]

Proliferation of apps is a potential trap that could really erode your user’s trust.

September 19, 2013


The rise and rise of the apps. I have been talking a lot recently regarding enterprises and their use of mobile apps within their business, for all users be they employees, customers, parters etc, and have been hearing a troublesome thing … And that thing I keep hearing is that there will be a large […]