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Mobile events upcoming in LDN over the coming weeks.

January 31, 2013


    if you live in or around London we are blessed with a slew of wonderful, cheap or free events for mobile.  there is so much to cover, so much to know, so many opinions to consider.  I work for IBM and I advise them that as IBMers we should be interacting with people […]

need to see through your thumb when using your device …

January 30, 2013


I love this,  the verge is reporting on an screen that you put on your thumb,  and it shows what is underneath. brilliant. I am sure the prototype is all clunky,  however if they pull this off then it could extend to a glove, useful for our chilly winders. the rise of flexible screens, and […]

Trends from CES that caught my eye

January 23, 2013


  Should have written this a couple of weeks ago,  when the CES hype was at its highest,  however here are the things that caught my eye.  I should point out that I did not attend the event,  nor did I go deep trawling to find all the obscure things that get launched,  so if […]

When should an enterprise app become a mobile app ?

January 16, 2013


 There’s gold in them thar hills ! Right now businesses of all shapes and sizes are rushing to create mobile apps.  This begs the question when should an app be mobile ?  or at least to have a mobile part to it.  What is gold and what is iron pyrites ? well here is an […]

Architectural strategies for an API consumed by mobile apps / browsers

January 16, 2013


If you are going to provide an API that will be consumed by Mobile devices (apps, browsers etc) then here are a few things to consider, mostly these are simply logical functional requirements.  It assumes that you are looking for an efficient API, that it will be accessed through a service gateway, and not directly from the […]

Smartphone Functions

January 13, 2013


Here is a mindmap of what a smartphone can do. will update as more things come to mind,  do you think I’ve missed anything ? and look at the number of radios.  quite a few.

how to decide if you should build mobile web, native app or hybrid app

January 12, 2013


  So are you wondering how to decide which type of app you should build,  or is your client ? I saw this decision tree in a piece of work (for which I have no names,  so cannot attribute properly,  if this is yours please do tell so I can put your name in lights. […]