About … me

Ok so what do you need to know about little old me ?

Well I work at IBM,  as an Architect working in the Telecoms and Media practices, specialising in all things Mobile, working for a wide range of clients like Vodafone, Everything Everywhere, Visa, Arsenal, BBC, Lloyds, Shell and many others.

I am a “Subject Matter Expert” for all things mobile mostly doing strategy work and forward thinking, rather than delivery (though I do some of this when required ;-) been looking at Enterprise Apps, M2M, API strategies for the mobile world, and Security matters.

Before that I worked for Vodafone Group on a range of things like Vodafone Live mobile portal/website , SMS gateways, Mobile TV Platform and the like.
Going further back I spent time with Online Magic / Agency.com in Technical Director and VP roles.  Designing and building more web sites that I care to remember for people like The Guardian, The Economist, BBC, The Cabinet Office IT Unit, Car phone warehouse, and many smaller firms. What I remember most is that we would have to teach clients about the Internet and what it can do.  I also worked with the best sales people I have ever met.
I must be getting old, because before all that I spent 6 happy years at Autodesk,  3 in the UK and 3 in Switzerland,  and was involved in a couple of start-ups too.  Neuchatel is a great place to live.

I have been working on mobile solutions since before the first WAP phones and following mobile technology,  where I am something of an SME in IBM.  Currently following Mobile Payments, apps for the enterprise and M2M.

I like to make things and after my degree in Engineering Product Design at Southbank I have acquired a few carpentry skills.  One of the best jobs I had was at a little Machine Tool Maker, where for a year I got to make a wide range of products like parts catchers for lathes, a machine to stuff the wool into airgun darts, and even a machine used by the Royal Mint to transfer their large clay designs, for coins, to the dies that stamp them.

I have a family, 2 kids a loving and wonderful wife and an generally happy with my lot in life, in particular when reading a good book (Sci-Fi mostly).

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