MAM, MDM or MEAP – which mobile app platform is right for your org?

Posted on March 11, 2013


Here is a really simple flow to choose the level of platform you require.

See an earlier post that describes what these platforms are.

I have made some assumptions,  in order to keep this as simple as possible,  because once you start covering all the bases then it becomes unwieldy.

I assume:
  • The BYOD devices will be enrolled into the platform as required
  • That if you need pro-active management of your apps then you’ll need a MAM too hence the use of MEM
  • That if you are accessing back-end systems (legacy, web etc) then you’ll want a level of security and control etc, that means you very quickly need a MEAP,  though there are many different levels of MEAP platforms from simple to quite complex.
Anyway here is the flow, and in words it would look like:
  • If you need secure controlled access to your backed use a MEAP
  • If you need to pro-actively manage apps on devices use a MEM
  • if you only need a catalogue of in house apps use a MAM
  • Otherwise use none.
and as a picture