Apps for Enterprises: a simple classification

Posted on July 25, 2013


There is a lot of talk around applications in use business,  so called enterprise applications.  So firstly lets think of the types of applications

We have
  • Off the shelf
    These are those apps that you download from the public app stores and are mostly productivity apps, note takers, travel tools and the like.  Created by app developers for mass market use.
  • Configured Apps
    These are apps that are probably sourced from the public markets, however to be fully utilised they require some configuration, examples might be expense tracking tools, cloud storage or document management etc.  Created by app developers and/or software houses or SaaS providers.
  • Customer Bespoke apps
    These are apps that are commissioned, and typically are for use by customers, or for users that are customer facing.  Examples of this type are companion sales apps used by car dealers, insurance sales people, bank tellors and the like.  Perhaps on a shared use iPad.  Some integration to the back end, however it is about the functions on the app.  Typically created by specialist agencies, or internal teams.  Dispersed either through private app stores or on the public app stores if for general customer use.
  • Business Integrated apps
    Those apps that are commissioned by a business to “mobilise” their business processes.  These are typically for internal users or business partners,  and are designed to support specific functions in the business, eg approvals in the order-to-cash process or HR tasks, as well as informational apps.  These are built by internal teams or SI / agency partners and are distributed privately.

Ok so now we have that sorted,  we might want to think about what it is that makes an enterprise app a good one.

I have been thinking about this, and listening to a number of presentations on the subject, and so this is an amalgam of all that.
Well enterprise apps are about getting things done, typically discreet tasks or collections of closely related tasks, and they are not all emcompassing, and they are not simply web sites tailored for a mobile screen,  This we all know,  so what are the characteristics that define the best apps.
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