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Instant Apps and discovery

January 30, 2017


Stories are going around about the fact that instant apps are finally starting to see the light of day.  But what are they and why should you care ? Firstly you should care because it should make a lot of actions we do on our devices much smoother and better.  For example you want to […]

m-Tickets for trains, at last some movement, but more to be done

March 25, 2014


I saw yesterday (24th March) that First Capital Connect have started supporting mobile tickets. you can see a capture of their tweet from yesterday. I am glad that this is happening,  and it would appear to be a lot like the airline’s model: That is the “ticket” ends up being a QR code read by the entry gates at the […]

Is using a tablet, in your house, a mobile use case ?

March 18, 2014


I have been looking at a range of usage figures for web sites,  and several well known online only shopping brands,  and research from IBM into black friday have been showing that about half of shoppers online are using tablets,  and the inference is drawn that this is a growth in mobile e-commerce. And I […]

Paym – mobile to mobile payments across all banks

March 10, 2014


During my 14 or so years thinking about mobile, and delivering services to boot, there has been a common thread for many of them and in particular person to person P2P services. And no not lots of money,  and no not über coolness, nor even a perfect idea, it is … Perceived ubiquity. For P2P […]

NFC Payments – chance for the roadblock to be cleared

February 20, 2014


I try not to just comment on rolling news about mobile, as there are so many more people who do this, and do it full time.  However sometimes an important event occurs that makes me sit up and think.  Here is one. Using your mobile phone to pay for things at a point of sale […]

Infographic – Emerging paths to purchase

July 24, 2013


  An interesting report from Havas International on the types of digital consumer / shopper. Here are the types listed, to help you know what’s contained therein (there is a lot more detail than this list) Digitally Dissociated Those that primarily stick to face to face RL shopping Digitally Divided See the bricks and mortar shops […]

Touch screen window shopping comes to NY

July 24, 2013


i saw this story and thought that makes a lot of sense,  so what’s that I hear you say, don’t make me follow the link ! In short a 9 by 2 foot touch screen being put into NY store fronts to sell (selected) goods from e-bay with a 1 hour delivery time. whilst this is not […]

In other news … interference, BBM and money

July 24, 2013


This is a little late being published (like 2 months) due to external pressures,  however thought I should start cathcing up with posts … 4G Radio Interference The company, at800, that are investigating the possible interference issues of 4G radio and TV services are saying that they hae yet to encounter many problems in the london and […]

No need to queue at the supermarket thanx to Qthru

December 17, 2012


Earlier I  wrote about the sainbury’s research app that lets you scan your goods as you select them,  and then pay for them, all using your mobile phone. Looks like this is an idea that is catching on,  and Qthru are also producing a pretty much identical app. they also require you to have a till from them,  because […]

NFC payments on London Busses

December 12, 2012


As an oyster user (which is the NFC ticket system in use here in London) I have just had an email to say that I can now use my NFC (Contactess) credit or debit card with the oyster reader on London buses. So now I or anyone can pay for a single fare by just touching your debit card. […]