Simple rules for an enterprise app …

Posted on January 3, 2013


  I was reading through IBM’s white paper “Capitalizing on mobile moments for Smarter Commerce

and spotted this little Gem.  It’s not that it is a unique insight, or amazingly insightful,  but I think it is correct, short and a useful set of measures to apply,  so I thought hey this should be called out.

Mobile moments are interactions with mobile apps that have a ‘3X’ affect:

  • they provide value to the user;
  • they provide value to the ecosystem (or population of users);
  • and they create value for the enterprise.

I am not sure what the X factor is in the 3X,  but hey we all need the X-Factor ;-)

I am a fan of user centric design,  and for me the 3 above show that there is not just the end customer/consumer as a user,  but the other business actors too.

Explore the paper on how to deliver these.

In case your wondering (as if) I was reading this as I am the mobile/telco SME for a Mobile Enterprise Apps Strategy project for a global telco based here in the UK.

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