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Mobile devices can now know what things are made of …

September 1, 2019


Back in 2016 Google showed off their radar gadget that could detect objects.  It uses radar and is taught the signature of objects, so that it can then recognise them when they are placed on the detector. It’s the size of a coaster for your mug to tea,  and yes the device could tell the […]

Computers and Study of the Brain, in ’64

July 30, 2019


55 years of AI, a look back at the MIT Tech Review from my birth year.

The loss of socialisation in the family

April 23, 2017


Data showing how TV is moving from group to individual.

Wearable tech – working together

March 19, 2014


i read that Google now have a version of android for wearable gear,  kinda makes sense to me. However what I want to see is the greater intercommunication between wearable kit. If I have a screen projected on my glasses I do not want to be touching my head,  or waiving my hands around in […]

Mobile and addiction

February 19, 2014


I saw this article from Mobile Youth *(well a post advertising a report,  but hey they have to spread the word somehow) and I agree with the findings,  however I have a slightly different take, and would like to set some context (at least from my point of view, as someone who’s youth blossomed long […]

Mobiles are changing the very way we think – part 1.

September 19, 2013


We are changing, as a species, as a result of mobiles,  let me explain. When talking to people about “mobile” and “mobility” the discussion is so often about the devices, and the applications,  with many thinking that what makes mobile different are the devices, their sensors, the ability to discern the context of the user, and […]

Touch screen window shopping comes to NY

July 24, 2013


i saw this story and thought that makes a lot of sense,  so what’s that I hear you say, don’t make me follow the link ! In short a 9 by 2 foot touch screen being put into NY store fronts to sell (selected) goods from e-bay with a 1 hour delivery time. whilst this is not […]

need to see through your thumb when using your device …

January 30, 2013


I love this,  the verge is reporting on an screen that you put on your thumb,  and it shows what is underneath. brilliant. I am sure the prototype is all clunky,  however if they pull this off then it could extend to a glove, useful for our chilly winders. the rise of flexible screens, and […]

we are all becoming cyborgs: Transactive Memory

November 12, 2012


We are all becoming cyborgs. Yes even you.  no use denying it,  I’ll explain why. you see that a cyborg is someone who has their physiological facilities enhanced by technology,  and with the modern smartphone we are doing exactly this.  We are improving our brain and out memory. This is because the phone,  and the […]

Second Screens: a beginners guide

October 23, 2012


I have been working on a second screen app. and so doing some thinking,  doing some reading. However someone asked me, earlier today about them and I thought I should write a few things down. TV has changed in the last few years,  because there are far more channels, far more content. more TVs in […]