Is the mobile web still distinct?

Posted on November 24, 2015


As I see the many figues on mobile web usage, and how a large percentage of teh developing world rely on mobile for their primary access,  I wonder if the disctinction between the Web and the Mobile Web is still good thinking.

By :the web” I mean web sites designed for and used on PCs, and the mobile web to be web sites designed for and used on <ed – you’ll never guess the next bit> mobile device, that is phones and tablets.

We are passed the “Mobile Tipping Point” as for example this comscore report shows, and so the mobile web is now larger in usage terms, and number of devices accessing, and therefore rapidly becoming the norm.

Thus by now all your plans for a web site should include plans for a mobile site, as an integral part of a whole, rather than as separate channels.

In particular looking to allow your user to transact across devices,  so browse on the PC, perhaps check and select on the phone, and then pay back on the PC.  This might be for services and goods where the app is used to compare and make the final selection.

I create apps for a living, however I would like you to think about if you need that app,  consider that if your user is using your web site,  then what in the users mental model of your service will make the think to use an app when they are away from your web site.  If you cannot give compelling answers then you may want to ensure you have a strong mobile web site,  so that they find you when “googling”



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