Touch screen window shopping comes to NY

Posted on July 24, 2013


i saw this story and thought that makes a lot of sense,  so what’s that I hear you say, don’t make me follow the link !
In short a 9 by 2 foot touch screen being put into NY store fronts to sell (selected) goods from e-bay with a 1 hour delivery time.
whilst this is not an entirely new idea, as touch screen panels have been in a very few store fronts for some time, I think the 1 hour delivery is critical.
If I am out shopping I want the goods today.
Its an interestingly skinny screen, I wonder if it allows more than one person to use it,  and I wonder how one makes payment, i guess you log in with your e-bay
account and previously set-up payment details,  otherwise I’d like to see that you use your phone to make the payment, so that it is more private,  perhaps when you have made your selection it will display a QR code that you then scan to go to the cart payment page, this would make sense.  Of course i would suggest an NFC touch to allow you to not have to scan the QR code.  Given that the goods are bound to cost more than contactless payment’s upper limit, I don’t suppose you could have a POS contactless payment reader behind the glass,  which would be fantastic.