Infographic – Emerging paths to purchase

Posted on July 24, 2013


  An interesting report from Havas International on the types of digital consumer / shopper.

Here are the types listed, to help you know what’s contained therein (there is a lot more detail than this list)

  1. Digitally Dissociated
    Those that primarily stick to face to face RL shopping
  2. Digitally Divided
    See the bricks and mortar shops and online shops as different worlds. No Mobile shopping.
  3. Digitally Experimental
    Will try online shopping, but it is not central to their shopping lives.
  4. Digitally Integrated
    Mix online and offline without a distinction between.

So which one are you,  add a comment to let us know …

  If you like the infographic go to the source, and credit the authors … they have done a good job, imho.