how to decide if you should build mobile web, native app or hybrid app

Posted on January 12, 2013


  So are you wondering how to decide which type of app you should build,  or is your client ?

I saw this decision tree in a piece of work (for which I have no names,  so cannot attribute properly,  if this is yours please do tell so I can put your name in lights.

It is a good starting place.  The question will be the weight you put in each decision,  however this does get you a long way quickly.

Of course i should mention that IBM’s mobile development tool “Worklight” allows you to develop all of these with the minimum of fuss.  It really does seem to be a good tool,  IBM should advertise it better imho. and yes I work for IBM,  but no I am not a blue is best type of person,  and have come round to the view that Worklight, and it’s server side capabilities too, are worth a look.

Mobile Web or Native or Hybrid

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