Screen differences for mobile development

Posted on January 12, 2013


Joe Rabin provided some very useful data,  and I thought it worth repeating.

Joe has been a consultant and technical leader in the mobile space since at least the turn of the century, and is a the CTO of Sponge,  an agency dedicated to Mobile,  and by all accounts provides great service (I’m not a customer, nor affiliated in anyway,  that’s just the word on the street)

Here are the pictures,  very useful,  if you want to know more I’d search out Sponge and have a word with them.


Relative screen sizes:

Mobile Screen aspects 2012 - overlaps

A chart showing the changing fortune of mobile OS sales over time.  where you can see how android is growing huge, and of course comes with a wide range of screen sizes as seen above.

Here as a table with popular devices and their screen’s vital statistics.  I think that they all want world peace.Mobile Screen aspects 2012

And here is a line graph of the data.
Mobile Screen aspects 2012 - graph


Useful stuff thanx Joe.


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