Mobile events upcoming in LDN over the coming weeks.

Posted on January 31, 2013


    if you live in or around London we are blessed with a slew of wonderful, cheap or free events for mobile.  there is so much to cover, so much to know, so many opinions to consider.  I work for IBM and I advise them that as IBMers we should be interacting with people who are outside of the IBM world, especially the smaller more agile companies, entrepreneurs and the like,  in this way we get better and we avoid the hubris that so often accompanies the attitudes of the IBM teams.  This is true for folks working in other large organisations.

So with that in mind,  here are some upcoming events for you to consider.  I attend a lot of these and so I can attest they are worth the time,  and for the nowevents, for the small cost.

 Mobile Monday …

Next Event 18 Feb (tbc) Finance for Start Ups and SMEs

We are hoping to run a follow up to our last very popular event on growth opportunities for SMEs and Start-Ups which we ran just over a year ago We’re squeaking this in just before the annual MWC frenzy shuts everything down for a while …

Once again John Spindler of Capital Enterprise has kindly agreed to take the chair – and will once again give his inimitable whistle stop tour of what funding and other options there are. We’re currently putting together the panel for that and we’re also interested in hearing from potential supporters for the event.

When I say interested, what I actually mean is that we rely on the support of our generous sponsors to stage events and so please do contact us if you’re in a position to help!

Social Search – February 27th

Facebook announced ‘Graph Search’ as a way to revolutionise social search and transform how people find recommendations, places and people. What are the implications of this new way of searching on existing businesses built on social data – recommendations, directories etc.

What are the privacy implications now that all the posting you made to Facebook are search friendly and be seen and used by anyone. How are Google, Twitter and others likely to respond. We’ll take a closer look the important changes Social Search will bring to businesses built in social data and how you can take advantage of it.

Mobile First – March 26th

We’ll be exploring the implications and opportunities created by next generation mobile networks (4G) and how new innovative service solutions for the consumer and business customer are levereging the capabilities of these networks. We will also explore how innovation in app and service design (focused around 4G networks) is creating a new generation of customer who demands super fast on demand networks.

Collaborative Consumption – April 24th

Collaborative Consumption describes the rapid explosion in traditional sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting, and swapping reinvented through network technologies on a scale and in ways never possible before. We’ll be exploring what what is working, who is winning and losing in this rapidly evolving service sector.

If you’d like NOW* host different themes, contribute as a speaker, host a demo or join as a panel member please drop us an email – with your details and suggestions.

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