No need to queue at the supermarket thanx to Qthru

Posted on December 17, 2012


Earlier I  wrote about the sainbury’s research app that lets you scan your goods as you select them,  and then pay for them, all using your mobile phone.

Looks like this is an idea that is catching on,  and Qthru are also producing a pretty much identical app.
they also require you to have a till from them,  because when the user has scanned their goods (seeing extra product details as they go) they must scan the special code on the till so that a receipt is generated.  This receipt allows staff to know you’ve paid !  and I posit this is good for customers who will want the easy proof they have paid too,  because it is awkward otherwise.
So lets see some better ways of scanning goods, than taking photos of the bar codes.  you know what I am going to suggest don’t you,  yes that right,  NFC tags on the shelf fronts. far easier and faster.
i cannot vouch for the quality of Qthru,  however they do seem to have thought this through though.