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need to see through your thumb when using your device …

January 30, 2013


I love this,  the verge is reporting on an screen that you put on your thumb,  and it shows what is underneath. brilliant. I am sure the prototype is all clunky,  however if they pull this off then it could extend to a glove, useful for our chilly winders. the rise of flexible screens, and […]

we are all becoming cyborgs: Transactive Memory

November 12, 2012


We are all becoming cyborgs. Yes even you.  no use denying it,  I’ll explain why. you see that a cyborg is someone who has their physiological facilities enhanced by technology,  and with the modern smartphone we are doing exactly this.  We are improving our brain and out memory. This is because the phone,  and the […]

Second Screens: a beginners guide

October 23, 2012


I have been working on a second screen app. and so doing some thinking,  doing some reading. However someone asked me, earlier today about them and I thought I should write a few things down. TV has changed in the last few years,  because there are far more channels, far more content. more TVs in […]

Shopping in empty stores

October 16, 2012


The register, today, is reporting that a Chinese retailer is building a 1000 stores,  that have no goods in them. Rather there are pictures,  and scan codes. You go in,  scan what you want,  and is if by magic they arrive at your home. Seems like the UK supermarkets could may use of such a […]

Internet of Things – Evrythng

October 15, 2012


Been listing to Andy Hobsbawn’stalk at the Economist forum in case you’re wandering why,  well Andy is an erstwhile boss,  and one of the most creative and open thinkers I have come across. Some thoughts from his speech. He sees that if we were to provide everything with a Unique identifier then we can […]

Four types of human memory and your mobile

August 27, 2012


I was reading about types of memory last night and it occurred to me that these have analogies in the way we use our mobile phones. The states of memory were laid out by Bruce D. Perry MD, and we’re used in a book I was reading. This I feeds into my thoughts that we […]