Time and behaviour context for smart interface design (IX)

Posted on September 1, 2017


So earlier so I was suggesting that interfaces need to be smarter and better at predicting what I want when,  and morphing themselves accordingly.
I suggest that time of day is a simple way to consider how this might work.
If you look at the graph below you can see that Facebook has peaks at lunch time and post evening meal.
Whereas Instagram builds up during the day.
FB is for being nosy seeing what folks have been upto and perhaps later posing details of something happening.
Where as Instagram, builds as more and more interesting things happen as the day progresses, and so your more likely to be looking later in the day,  or posting yourself when you get a chance, which is most likely at the latter part of the day.
So of we have insights like this then we can change the importance and prominence of features in the app/webpage/service according to this graph,  and then as you learn about me adjust it accordingly.
If I am prolific poster then give me the share all day,  if I’m not then don’t.
Just a thought.Messanger by TimeofDay
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