The death of the telco golden month ?

Posted on August 28, 2012


NPD Group are stating that sales of mobile phone accessories are up 32% year on year, on
The back of cases and so on to protect our devices.

Whilst this is interesting news and good for those in the sector, it also makes me think we have seen the end of the so called Golden Month

This is the month after someone has bought them selves a new phone.
Before smart phones you would buy a case, a ring tone or two, perhaps a java game etc.
Quite quickly though you’d settle on the ringtone and exhaust the games possibilities and so would stop spending. Internet access was flakey at best so you might go ahead and get some content, and use an occasional service, however because this was not the norm, the possibilities were often over looked or just not considered. And as I say spending died right down till the next upgrade.

Now however with smartphones and tablets this Golden Month does not exist in the same way. It is not unusual to try several cases, before one suits or to change them to match outfits etc.
But those sad jab
A games have become a riot of apps of every type and flavour, tempting us to spending a few pounds here and there. Sales are driven by a combination of price point and opportunity. Folks know about apps, it is not unusual to use apps, so use of a mobile to do more than talk and text is now a learned behaviour and second nature for so many that this has had a huge increase in the number of folks looking for content and apps.
All of this you know, it is the fact
T that this goes on for the majority of the life of the device is what has changed.
Are we switching a Golden Month for a dead quarter as the device is ready for upgrade sales will drop off in prep for the new device.

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