Phone services of Olympic proportions

Posted on July 27, 2012


By all accounts there are 30 dedicated masts in the 2,000,000 square meter park. Good thing too as there can be up to 300,000 people at peak times. So that will be a lot of phone calls and
D text messages.
Backing this up will be a wifi zone from BT with over 1000 zones. Should take the load I guess, but that will be a lot of video and pictures being uploaded.

Cannot see if there are local caches in use, I worked on an IBM solution called MIOP that would cache Internet and video to help reduce the back haul to the Internet, let’s hope they have something similar otherwise it make carnage, even with 1.7Gb of Internet interconnect.

Lastly it’s a shame that most people will have to pay at least 6 squids to use the wifi.

Figures from the bbc. Good old auntie.

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