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Harmful Apps on Android Play store

August 30, 2019


I am often asked about the potential for the apps on the Play store to be harmful, and therefore make using Android devices unsafe in an enterprise setting. And I think that in the early days of Android this a perceived risk that and was often true.However the Android team have been tackling this problem […]

Mobile impact in Black Friday

December 3, 2014


[note  iwork for IBM,  so I thought I should declare that before you begin] So Black Friday has been and gone,  the last of the turkey has been eaten, and we are all back at work. IBM produces the reference report for Black Friday online sales, and for the last few years has looked at the […]

Wearable tech – working together

March 19, 2014


i read that Google now have a version of android for wearable gear,  kinda makes sense to me. However what I want to see is the greater intercommunication between wearable kit. If I have a screen projected on my glasses I do not want to be touching my head,  or waiving my hands around in […]

Context Sensitive home screens really starting to deliver

February 4, 2014


  I read this on the Verge and I though about how for the last 10 years the mobile phone UX people have been trying to solve this conundrum. So it would seem that the world is waking up to the fact that the home screen on a phone does not need to be static.I’ll not […]

Mobile Academy: Android and Eclipse

October 31, 2012


Android T2 Android & Eclipse This is an intro­duc­tion to Android SDK tools using the Eclipse IDE for those inter­ested in building Apps. You will get an over­view of the basic soft­ware layers and applic­a­tion archi­tec­ture; a walk through of coding a basic applic­a­tion, simple debug­ging and a quick look at avail­able Lib­raries. Enough to get you started on your first […]

Apps have created 500k jobs in the USA alone

October 9, 2012


I had something of a wow moment this morning,  and I’m not  talking about the 30 years today since my first date with my wife,  true though that it, no,  it was a headline that the development of apps has created 500,000 new jobs. That’s quite something,  and I can see that these jobs will […]

iPad app testing – where to go

April 24, 2012


This was originally posted to my internal IBM blog on 12:49 28/03/2012, Steve Devo, android, dev, development, mobile, services, test, testing, Mobile Internet Hi, if you are having trouble with testing an app for iPads and iPhones then here is some help from Ben Childs. Ohh and he does not mention mob4hire, who can provide a […]