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Variances in prices paid for Mobile Data Contracts.

July 24, 2013


Recently Reuters is reporting on a report from Rewheel that there are wide variances in prices paid by consumers for their smartphone tariffs, and the reckon the difference are caused by having smaller “challenger” players in the market driving down costs. “In markets like Germany and Spain – which lack what regulators call a “maverick” to discount […]

Tariffs being sold with data as the prime and why phone subsidies are bad for you

January 12, 2013


I see that t-Mobile USA have announced a couple of interesting things in the last few days. Firstly that they have a new tariff for $70 that is all you can eat data (unlimited for all intents) and bundled with that is unlimited voice and SMS (test) as well. Seems like a turn around that […]

Virgin “SmartCall”: use your mobile, but with your landline tariff

November 5, 2012


  At first sight this “SmartCall” offering from Virgin Media seems like a really good idea. Use wifi to make calls (VOIP) from anywhere,  and the calls will be charged for on your Virgin Land line rates,  which means for most people free, at least for other land lines) Presumably this still works if you’re […]