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app based messaging overtakes SMS for the first time last year – what does this mean

July 24, 2013


What’s that ? For some time now I and people like me have been predicting that SMS will stop growing, and that there will be an erosion of the use of SMS due to applications providing free messaging. It seems that this is now coming to pass, and that more messages are being sent by […]

Using mobiles for secure login – part 1

December 15, 2012


Back when I was an architect for Vodafone Group we worked on a system that would use the mobile to create a second factor for authenticating a login.  In case your wondering what that means,  it like this. when you give your username and password or your email and password you are providing a single […]

Mobile Tipping Point? Handset Sales, voice and SMS all down

November 14, 2012


  No not a seesaw in the garden,  though there have been as many tipping points in mobile recently for it to resemble a seesaw However Vodafone reported a drop in SMS traffic this week and Gartner have reported that global handset sales have dropped 3.3% and service revenues in the uk off by 2.1% […]

Mobile Academy: Collecting Money – 1 of 2

November 12, 2012


Here is the description of the session from the programme B4 Col­lecting Money How to get the money in! How do all the dif­ferent cus­tomer payment mech­an­isms compare? How do I work with mobile oper­ators? Sub­scrip­tions vs One Offs? Chris Newell, Russell Sheffield 4/10, 8pm (Thurs) This session was delivered in two parts by a couple […]

SMS app for the Illiterate

July 12, 2012


Saw a post on springwise that is an app to help poor readers or the illiterate better able to use texting. The clever bit is not the text to voice and voice to text,  but that each word is a button so that you can hear that word individually, this seems like a stroke of […]

Map of SMS Banking in Africa

April 25, 2012


The Economist has published a map showing the take up of SMS banking in Africa. It’s a great reminder that in large parts of the world the mobile device is the access to the internet,  and as a salient point, these are mostly simple or so called feature phones,  not smartphones.  Which is why SMS […]

SMS declining ??

April 24, 2012


This was originally posted to my internal IBM blog on 18:02 20/03/2012, Steve Devo, 2011, christmas, mobile, sms, volume, Mobile Internet [ed’s note: Seems that this was not posted !, so it is from jan 2012 even though it’s now march] [ed’s note two: and of course as I am transferring these older posts to “seed” […]