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Are Mobile Payments stalling ?

December 7, 2015


and of course, will they take off again anytime soon. Reports are coming on on the use of mobile payments over black , and the one everyone is quoting is InfoScout’s which shows that Apple Pay’s use on the day went down to half what it was last year, and was only used 2 in 100 […]

NFC Payments – chance for the roadblock to be cleared

February 20, 2014


I try not to just comment on rolling news about mobile, as there are so many more people who do this, and do it full time.  However sometimes an important event occurs that makes me sit up and think.  Here is one. Using your mobile phone to pay for things at a point of sale […]

No need to queue at the supermarket thanx to Qthru

December 17, 2012


Earlier I  wrote about the sainbury’s research app that lets you scan your goods as you select them,  and then pay for them, all using your mobile phone. Looks like this is an idea that is catching on,  and Qthru are also producing a pretty much identical app. they also require you to have a till from them,  because […]

Mobile Academy – Collecting Money – Part 2 Paythru

December 2, 2012


Here is the entry in the mobile Academy’s programme B4 Col­lecting Money How to get the money in! How do all the dif­ferent cus­tomer payment mech­an­isms compare? How do I work with mobile oper­ators? Sub­scrip­tions vs One Offs? Chris Newell, Russell Sheffield 4/10, 8pm (Thurs) This is the second half of the payment session this time […]

Barclay’s Ping-it live for 100 Days – Infographic

October 22, 2012


It seems that Barclay’s Ping it is gaining ground,  and getting some use that is worth taking note of (appols for convoluted english) Here is an infographic they have produced after 100 days of the service being live. Here is their blurb that accompanies it The infographic shows that people have been logging in on […]

Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Payments

October 10, 2012


I was thinking of writing one of these,  but this article is a good starting point. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned, nor the open forum, I’m just spreading the lurve   That said it is a very western point of view, does not consider emerging worlds like sub-Saharan Africa,  where […]

Google Wallet – Notes from their VP of Payment

April 24, 2012


This was originally posted to my internal IBM blog on 15:21 20/04/2012, Steve Devo, google, google_wallet, mobile, mobile_payments, mwv, payments, Mobile Internet Google Wallet Osama Bedier, VP Payments, Google, presented at the “Delivering innovative payment services at MWC. Here is a summary of what he said. Ohhh and in case you’re in a hurry I can […]