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Mobile app / web responsiveness

March 20, 2014


In short: Ensure your apps react quickly (sub 1 second), and tell the user when delays are expected, because with a flaky mobile connection these delays can happen more often than you’d like. For many years at the birth of the internet there was a lot of effort in making web pages load fast over […]

NFC Payments – chance for the roadblock to be cleared

February 20, 2014


I try not to just comment on rolling news about mobile, as there are so many more people who do this, and do it full time.  However sometimes an important event occurs that makes me sit up and think.  Here is one. Using your mobile phone to pay for things at a point of sale […]

Sainsbury’s Scan and Collect

September 18, 2013


So a while back just after Sainsbury’s (a supermarket chain here in the UK) announced their mobile Scan and Go service, I was worried about the usability of scanning with a mobile phone camera.  Then a couple of weeks ago I was told by David Stone, a mobile marketeer, that the service had been launched at a store […]

No need to queue at the supermarket thanx to Qthru

December 17, 2012


Earlier I  wrote about the sainbury’s research app that lets you scan your goods as you select them,  and then pay for them, all using your mobile phone. Looks like this is an idea that is catching on,  and Qthru are also producing a pretty much identical app. they also require you to have a till from them,  because […]

NFC payments on London Busses

December 12, 2012


As an oyster user (which is the NFC ticket system in use here in London) I have just had an email to say that I can now use my NFC (Contactess) credit or debit card with the oyster reader on London buses. So now I or anyone can pay for a single fare by just touching your debit card. […]

Mobile Academy – Collecting Money – Part 2 Paythru

December 2, 2012


Here is the entry in the mobile Academy’s programme B4 Col­lecting Money How to get the money in! How do all the dif­ferent cus­tomer payment mech­an­isms compare? How do I work with mobile oper­ators? Sub­scrip­tions vs One Offs? Chris Newell, Russell Sheffield 4/10, 8pm (Thurs) This is the second half of the payment session this time […]

Vodafone and NFC payments

November 1, 2012


At last some movement. Vodafone have decided to launch an NFC payment service on the back of Visa, with Gemalto and Corfire. It will allow for payments at the Visa Paywave compatible Point of Sales. I would like to see that you can import cards into the system,  an then select which card you want […]

Isis the m-payments platform is to launch in USA

October 19, 2012


i don’t like to do me too, news reporting as there are bazillions of sites / blogs that recycle however in this case I will comment on the news today as i think it is important. There are many reports about Isis this week as it prepares a limited launch in test markets. This is […]

Shopping in empty stores

October 16, 2012


The register, today, is reporting that a Chinese retailer is building a 1000 stores,  that have no goods in them. Rather there are pictures,  and scan codes. You go in,  scan what you want,  and is if by magic they arrive at your home. Seems like the UK supermarkets could may use of such a […]

User authentication – Mobile

October 15, 2012


For a little while I have been engaged in conversations with projects here at work regarding how to authenticate a user on a PC and smartphone. The idea is to think beyond the simple pin/password,  and more importantly to make it easier for people to remember. Seems to me there are 3 groups (plus the no-hopers !) […]