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M2M – the need for roaming and international SIMS

February 19, 2014


M2M or Machine to Machine, or Internet of Things, or the instrumented world.   OK bored now. M2M has a problem that needs to be addressed and it is good to see that T-Mobile USA are trying to fix it with a new tariff. You see the thing with M2M is that they are SIMs […]

Bluetooth Low Energy and indoor connectivity

September 19, 2013


I am mentioning this because Apple has added support for Buetooth Low Energy (BLE) and called it iBeacon If you google this you’ll see lots of good articles about what BLE and iBeacon are so I’ll just be brief. Bluetooth low energy is what it sounds like,  a form of bluetooth that does not consume much radio energy, and as a […]

Wow! what a year! – a review of the wide range of projects this year.

December 19, 2012


People who know me from when I was working for startups and in new media, ask me why I stay at IBM … well here is a brief look at some of the 26 projects I have been involved in … and I ask you where else can you have such a wide range of […]

Internet of Things – Evrythng

October 15, 2012


Been listing to Andy Hobsbawn’stalk at the Economist forum in case you’re wandering why,  well Andy is an erstwhile boss,  and one of the most creative and open thinkers I have come across. Some thoughts from his speech. He sees that if we were to provide everything with a Unique identifier then we can […]

power up your EV charging

April 25, 2012


engadget are covering the GE press release regarding a charging post for EVs called WattStation and WattStation Connect. this may be yawn inducing news,  except that there is a mobile app for it,  and I think this is quite an important element to the overall uptake of Electric Vehicles. At the moment not only are […]

M2M interview with Per Simonsen

April 24, 2012


This was originally posted to my internal IBM blog on 15:13 26/03/2012, Steve Devo, automotive, core, m2m, pdp, ran, Mobile Internet This article by Per Simonsen CEO of Telenor is worth reading. He states that M2M traffic should not be carried by the regualar Telco platform (core network) and I agree, a specialist HLR and SGSN/GGSN […]