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Mobile impact in Black Friday

December 3, 2014


[note  iwork for IBM,  so I thought I should declare that before you begin] So Black Friday has been and gone,  the last of the turkey has been eaten, and we are all back at work. IBM produces the reference report for Black Friday online sales, and for the last few years has looked at the […]

Edge Applications in the Core network – saving us all money?

March 19, 2013


IBM and NSN have announced that they are putting app servers at the edge of the telco networks,  so what does this mean ? This is a good thing: We are all using our phones and tablets more, and thus there is an ever increasing volume of data being handled over the mobile networks. This is a […]

An app for helping you understand a sports game, Rugby in this first use

February 7, 2013


  A small team of folks here in IBM have been creating an amazing app / web site. when you watch a game of football or rugby or similar it can be quite hard to know who has the upper hand. It might look like one side is dominating,  however the other side may have […]

IBM 5 in 5: the phone, and your five senses

December 19, 2012


its that time of year when predictions are made,  and old predictions can be laughed at. I work for IBM,  and the IBM Research Labs have put out a piece on mobiles and senses, called 5 in 5. It’s a good read.  Talks about how for example you’ll be able to feel textures generated by your […]

Wow! what a year! – a review of the wide range of projects this year.

December 19, 2012


People who know me from when I was working for startups and in new media, ask me why I stay at IBM … well here is a brief look at some of the 26 projects I have been involved in … and I ask you where else can you have such a wide range of […]

Echo chamber – is IBM stuck in one ? are you in your company ?

April 24, 2012


This was originally posted to my internal IBM blog on 10:34 20/03/2012, Steve Devo, Mobile Internet I’ve heard a few people (sociologists mostly) talking about the internet and social networking. Typically the argument goes that the Internet is a vast complicated and confusing thing, therefore it is too difficult to navigate with ease, especially when looking […]