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January 3, 2013


This is a great article on making the interface for a tablet website as finger friendly as possible. In short your average finger is 45 to 57 pixels wide,  so make link targets large enough, and separated with enough margin to avoid over crowding or multiple selection. make the text large enough to read ! (and I am not […]

Mobile Academy: HTML5

January 2, 2013


T3 HTML 5 & Mobile Web HTML5 and mobile. HTML5 isn’t just about mobile, but it has many fea­tures designed for devel­oping applic­a­tions that run any­where the Web can run. Bruce Lawson 9/10, 6.30pm (Tues) Speaker: Bruce Lawson of Opera software HTML5 is designed to be cross browser and cross device,  but with caveats. [because to date nothing has hit the goal of […]

Mobile Academy: Constructing a Business Case for an App

October 22, 2012


B3 Con­structing Busi­ness Cases So you think you have spotted an oppor­tunity? In this session you will be given tools to start con­structing your busi­ness case. Explore the various ways to mon­etise your offering; work out dif­ferent revenue streams; make sure that you have included all your poten­tial costs and have val­id­ated your busi­ness assumptions. Ian […]