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Deciding on mobile app features and functions – part 1: who uses what?

September 7, 2017


It is commonly understood that mobile apps should have a clear focus and designed for that particular task.  I wanted to say single task,  but some require the ability to support more than this. Apple are very good at making this distinction,  so for example the email is separate from the calendar, which is seprate from messaging, calls […]

An app for helping you understand a sports game, Rugby in this first use

February 7, 2013


  A small team of folks here in IBM have been creating an amazing app / web site. when you watch a game of football or rugby or similar it can be quite hard to know who has the upper hand. It might look like one side is dominating,  however the other side may have […]

When should an enterprise app become a mobile app ?

January 16, 2013


 There’s gold in them thar hills ! Right now businesses of all shapes and sizes are rushing to create mobile apps.  This begs the question when should an app be mobile ?  or at least to have a mobile part to it.  What is gold and what is iron pyrites ? well here is an […]

Understanding where you users struggle with your app / service

November 9, 2012


[Disclosure – This tool has been bought by IBM, my employer, indeed these are notes from an internal briefing] Tealeaf provides the tools that look at the issues that app/site owners might have with an app or web site and then try to look at these problems collectively and so help the owner to fix these […]

Sainsburys and app to scan and pay: supermarket optimization

November 2, 2012


David Stone, a Mobile Marketing expert pointed out to me that Sainsbury’s, one of the huge chain supermarkets here in the UK, has started trials of a “scan and pay” system using mobile phones. The Marketing week story is below. I am a great supporter of this type of system,  and of course it is a direct descendant […]

Second Screens: a beginners guide

October 23, 2012


I have been working on a second screen app. and so doing some thinking,  doing some reading. However someone asked me, earlier today about them and I thought I should write a few things down. TV has changed in the last few years,  because there are far more channels, far more content. more TVs in […]

Gaining traction for a mobile app

October 15, 2012


I was looking at flurry and they have a scheme to join “app circles“. App circles are advertising rings whereby you advertise the other apps in your ring,  and they yours. this helps drive exposure,  and quite often these ads are driven by flurry’s analytics. The start-ups I’ve chatted to seem to rate it,  and […]

SMS app for the Illiterate

July 12, 2012


Saw a post on springwise that is an app to help poor readers or the illiterate better able to use texting. The clever bit is not the text to voice and voice to text,  but that each word is a button so that you can hear that word individually, this seems like a stroke of […]