Is the mobile web still distinct?

November 24, 2015


As I see the many figues on mobile web usage, and how a large percentage of teh developing world rely on mobile for their primary access,  I wonder if the disctinction between the Web and the Mobile Web is still good thinking. By :the web” I mean web sites designed for and used on PCs, […]

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Making mobile work for your business

May 18, 2015


I am often faced with the challenge of making a switch to mobile for my clients. So I’ll explain a little about how I go about this … but first a short bit of context. They know that mobile is the way to go, but are not sure how to make mobile work for them. […]

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Ubuntu Mobile – gaining traction ? 

April 1, 2015


well lets hope so. I saw the devices at Mobile World Congress, and I was impressed,  ot was by far the best of the “other” mobile operating systems. Jolla’s Sailfish was ok,  but amaterish,  Firefox was just too slow,  I mean unusably, horribly slow (and too round), but Ubuntu was familiar, quick, easy to work […]

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Tangible benefits from mobile investments.

December 9, 2014


here is an important graph from this years “The Global State of Enterprise Mobility 2014/15” from EME that is based on a collection of data from many companies around the world (including an IBM Exec, for full disclosure) So where is mobile working, how do you realise the benefits. When you’re considering investing in mobile, and […]

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Mobile Enterprise Architecture thoughts from an expert at IBM

December 9, 2014


Listening to the architect of many IBM mobile applications, explain his reference architecture, he made some very interesting points, Now it must be said that they were made because the IBM products help fix them, and so I thought I should point that out. Of course many of the solutions can be non-IBM too! Firstly […]

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Mobile impact in Black Friday

December 3, 2014


[note  iwork for IBM,  so I thought I should declare that before you begin] So Black Friday has been and gone,  the last of the turkey has been eaten, and we are all back at work. IBM produces the reference report for Black Friday online sales, and for the last few years has looked at the […]

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The rise and rise of broadband

September 27, 2014


[ed’s note: i wrote this at the end of august,  and at the end is an update] This week I have upgraded my broadband at home,  we now have a massive 150Mb/s connection from our provider. We upgraded because it was cheaper than my previous 60Mb/s And I thought I should put that number in […]

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iBeacons have arrived at Regent Street

July 3, 2014


    A mobile marketing friend of mine*, David, sent me this link … The Crown Estate is giving Regent Street a huge technology makeover, providing iBeacons in all stores in this area. Accompanied by an official Regent Street app, shoppers will be able to receive personalised offers and discounts, based on purchase and browsing history. “We want […]

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waterproofing – taking your mobile for a swim, or not as the case may be

April 4, 2014


We’ve all done it,   or seen it happen,  a phone, a drink, a careless swipe of the arms and tragedy ensues. Something like a third of accidents that kill phones are due to water damage. So is waterproofing worthwhile. Well the Galaxy S5, the Sony’s they are not waterproof,  only water resistant.  you cannot leave them […]

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m-Tickets for trains, at last some movement, but more to be done

March 25, 2014


I saw yesterday (24th March) that First Capital Connect have started supporting mobile tickets. you can see a capture of their tweet from yesterday. I am glad that this is happening,  and it would appear to be a lot like the airline’s model: That is the “ticket” ends up being a QR code read by the entry gates at the […]

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