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Mobile Web usage – and what comsore say

February 15, 2017


ComScore have produced their 2016 US Mobile App report,  and it is full of very good data and graphs on all things mobile. However I would challenge their implied assertion that mobile users are not very interested in mobile web. I think a large proportion of the decline is that the mobile web sites are […]

Instant Apps and discovery

January 30, 2017


Stories are going around about the fact that instant apps are finally starting to see the light of day.  But what are they and why should you care ? Firstly you should care because it should make a lot of actions we do on our devices much smoother and better.  For example you want to […]

About Watson

January 27, 2017


I work for IBM in the mobile and emerging tech spaces. I have been asked a lot about what Watson does and what cognitive means. I was lucky enough to hear an over view from the Watson CTO yesterday,  and this is derived from my (rather sketchy) notes,  and hopefully is just enough to get […]

How much functionality to cram into your app

June 18, 2016


Sizing your app One of the perennial questions I get asked is regarding the functional sizing of an app, or set of apps, in particular for staff apps. By that I mean how much functionality should I put into an app ? Should you have one big app with everything in it,  or should you […]

Is Cisco about to knock out the Mobile Operators ?

June 15, 2016


Its been heralded many times,  the cornering of the mobile operator into just being a dumb pipe.  WhatsApp and Instagram have stolen the messaging business.  Will Cisco Spark, and the other new incantations of VoiP (or VoLTE if you prefer, mean that their voice revenue will go the same way. Of course the operators will sell us bundles […]

Are Mobile Payments stalling ?

December 7, 2015


and of course, will they take off again anytime soon. Reports are coming on on the use of mobile payments over black , and the one everyone is quoting is InfoScout’s which shows that Apple Pay’s use on the day went down to half what it was last year, and was only used 2 in 100 […]

Data: Mobile 6 – PC 1

November 25, 2015


Over the years there has been a switch of internet traffic from PC to Mobile,  and this has been combined with massive growth,  but have you seen how much. Ericsson’s report this year shows just how incredible this growth has been with the following graph. So what are you going to do with all that data, […]