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Mobile Academy: Value Proposition

October 16, 2012


Mobile Academy : Value Proposition D2 Value Pro­pos­i­tion What true bene­fits are you offering your users? What is your elev­ator pitch? Focus by using various tools such as writing your first Adcept, Press Release and tweet from a fan/critic. This is a good lead in to the Brand Cre­ation work­shop in October. Priya Prakash 25/9, 6.30pm […]

Mobile Academy: Overview of Tech Solutions

October 15, 2012


A session by Matt Biddulph T1 Over­view of Tech Solutions Get an over­view of the Tech­no­logy stream, see the big tech picture and under­stand overall archi­tec­ture. Non techies are par­tic­u­larly encour­aged to attend. Matt Bid­dulph 20/9, 8pm (Thurs) [the notes in italics and “[]” are my additions, so you can blame me for them :-) […]

Mobile Academy: Opportunity and needs

September 24, 2012


The second evening is kicking of with a creative section by Priya, by all accounts a creative genius. Here is the sesh’s description from the programme What is the problem that you are solving? What are users implicit & explicit needs? Really under­stand your target users by writing a “Day in the life of” persona […]

Mobile Academy: mobile landscape

September 21, 2012


[ed’s note, trying to keep this text only, and so it is less than ideal] OK so here we go with the first of the sessions proper in the mobile academy. Described in the course programme thus: The future of mobile is the future of everything. All the tech­no­lo­gies to connect the world already exist […]

Mobile Academy: start

September 19, 2012


I managed to attend the start of the Mobile Academy last night run jointly by the UCL and Mobile Monday. The course is 36 hours long and many of the sessions are given by London based entrepeneurs looking to pass on their knowledge and skill in the mobile arena. So overall I am very glad […]