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Mobile Academy: Value Proposition

October 16, 2012


Mobile Academy : Value Proposition D2 Value Pro­pos­i­tion What true bene­fits are you offering your users? What is your elev­ator pitch? Focus by using various tools such as writing your first Adcept, Press Release and tweet from a fan/critic. This is a good lead in to the Brand Cre­ation work­shop in October. Priya Prakash 25/9, 6.30pm […]

Mobile Academy: Overview of Tech Solutions

October 15, 2012


A session by Matt Biddulph T1 Over­view of Tech Solutions Get an over­view of the Tech­no­logy stream, see the big tech picture and under­stand overall archi­tec­ture. Non techies are par­tic­u­larly encour­aged to attend. Matt Bid­dulph 20/9, 8pm (Thurs) [the notes in italics and “[]” are my additions, so you can blame me for them :-) […]

Mobile Academy: Opportunity and needs

September 24, 2012


The second evening is kicking of with a creative section by Priya, by all accounts a creative genius. Here is the sesh’s description from the programme What is the problem that you are solving? What are users implicit & explicit needs? Really under­stand your target users by writing a “Day in the life of” persona […]