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Mobile Web usage – and what comsore say

February 15, 2017


ComScore have produced their 2016 US Mobile App report,  and it is full of very good data and graphs on all things mobile. However I would challenge their implied assertion that mobile users are not very interested in mobile web. I think a large proportion of the decline is that the mobile web sites are […]

Instant Apps and discovery

January 30, 2017


Stories are going around about the fact that instant apps are finally starting to see the light of day.  But what are they and why should you care ? Firstly you should care because it should make a lot of actions we do on our devices much smoother and better.  For example you want to […]

Are Mobile Payments stalling ?

December 7, 2015


and of course, will they take off again anytime soon. Reports are coming on on the use of mobile payments over black , and the one everyone is quoting is InfoScout’s which shows that Apple Pay’s use on the day went down to half what it was last year, and was only used 2 in 100 […]

Mobile – When and where

November 25, 2015


when and where do people use, or not, their mobile.

Is the mobile web still distinct?

November 24, 2015


As I see the many figues on mobile web usage, and how a large percentage of teh developing world rely on mobile for their primary access,  I wonder if the disctinction between the Web and the Mobile Web is still good thinking. By :the web” I mean web sites designed for and used on PCs, […]

Ubuntu Mobile – gaining traction ? 

April 1, 2015


well lets hope so. I saw the devices at Mobile World Congress, and I was impressed,  ot was by far the best of the “other” mobile operating systems. Jolla’s Sailfish was ok,  but amaterish,  Firefox was just too slow,  I mean unusably, horribly slow (and too round), but Ubuntu was familiar, quick, easy to work […]

Tangible benefits from mobile investments.

December 9, 2014


here is an important graph from this years “The Global State of Enterprise Mobility 2014/15” from EME that is based on a collection of data from many companies around the world (including an IBM Exec, for full disclosure) So where is mobile working, how do you realise the benefits. When you’re considering investing in mobile, and […]