Data: Mobile 6 – PC 1

Posted on November 25, 2015


Over the years there has been a switch of internet traffic from PC to Mobile,  and this has been combined with massive growth,  but have you seen how much.

Ericsson’s report this year shows just how incredible this growth has been with the following graph.

traffic-forecast-WE-2015So what are you going to do with all that data,  how can your company make the best use of the massive capability ?  With the prediction of mobile being something like 6 times more.

Ericsson have been measuring what the mobile networks are used for so we do not need to guess for how it’s being used right now. Its interesting to me to see the growth in real time, and will be watching to see if this is a real or temporary thing.


And if you ooj at the amount of browsing data on teh mobile,  it’s pretty large, especially when you consider that it takes far less data to browse web sites that it does to stream video.  So to have that percentage of data as browsing means there is a lot of time being spent browsing.

So when you are considering designing your app,  think about the types of content that your customer will want,  not just what you think they might like.

I would not be doing my job right if I did not remnd you that data transfer takes a lot of battery,  so don’t go mad just yet.  But I am looking forward to see us soaking up all that.