Tangible benefits from mobile investments.

Posted on December 9, 2014


here is an important graph from this years “The Global State of Enterprise Mobility 2014/15” from EME that is based on a collection of data from many companies around the world (including an IBM Exec, for full disclosure)

So where is mobile working, how do you realise the benefits.

When you’re considering investing in mobile, and you have many options ahead of you, what works and what doesn’t.

Well here are some details that might help you.

mobile investment return

In short we are looking at apps that improve your productivity, and remember a lot of the benefits here come not from simply transferring your process to a mobile, but re-designing the process to be mobile centric and to make use of the benefits mobile provides. It’s a good chance to make those efficiencies, and to even completely rethink how you do things.

Competitive advantage is right up there, because if you get these things right, if you execute well, and if you have really been mobile first, in execution, not just in the thinking, then the competitive advantage will flow, you’ll be quicker, more flexible and less resource intensive if you “do mobile right”.

Lastly look at that customer loyalty and retention, that’s huge (remember it is the percentage of people seeing a benefit, not the amount of benefit), however putting your customer at the centre, giving them the tools and the facilities to interact with you using their mobile, using apps, or searching via a browser, and getting a usable response, is key.

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