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Posted on March 18, 2014


I am often asked for places on the web for advice and so here a few that help.
Before that though,  if you look for the  tag stats in my blog you’ll see some interesting sites.

Of course there are a million and one places to get mobile information,  many of them little more than marketing arms for a product or a service agency.
So here are a few places that work for me.

If you want stats about the size of the market etc, numbers of devices, data downloaded and just about everything else,  then try Mobithinking.

For expert analysis then Peggy Anne Salz’s Mobile Groove has a lot of analysis, in particular CRM and advertising,  though she is famed for tracking the rise of the internet.

If you are in Telco and like your opinion, well opinionated, then try Mobile Industry Review or Wireless Worker or their podcast 361 Degrees.

Cisco provide a wealth of stats regarding the Mobile Internet and data usage and consumption. no surprises to say it shows data growing fast.

Developer Economics generate very interesting data around the ecosystem of developing apps, and well their name says it all.  Good free reports, check ’em out.

Now,  our friends at Ericsson have their Mobility Report,  lots of fresh stats for you,  however they have a great service that also allows you to build your own graph from the data sets,  so you can get the cut you want.  very neat. Good for subscriptions, service and data traffic by technology, region, and projects up to 2019.

Tim Green is a great speaker,  and has been immersed in the world of mobile payments for ever and a day, so pop over to Mobile Money Revolution to see what there is.

Helen Keegen is a proper mobile guru,  she has been leading the thinking for many years, blogs at Technokitten, and organises amongst other things the great Swedish Beers.

Keep your eyes and ears out for Tony Fish @tonyfish and Simon Grice @simongrice, active entrepreneurs and mobile evangelists, listen and learn they have lots of good things to say.

Jo Rabin @jorabin (technical,  leadership and hats) and Dan Appelquist @torgo (knows more about web standards than anyone I know) are active in the mobile scene here in London  and do or have organised Mobile Monday London for many a year.   There are so many other folks that I have met at momo London that I cannot list them all,  you know who you are.
If you are in or near London and want to learn anything about mobile, then the momo london is perhaps the premier place to get your self immersed in mobile thinking, meet several hundred experts and thinkers,  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Its less true now than it used to be,  however there is a distinct difference with the way “youth” deal with phones (and life) and as such a good source of information is Mobile Youth, and Josh Dhaliwal in particular.

The term “renaissance man” from the mid 90s could well have been formed for this man, Andy Hobsbawn, for inspiration and forward thinking, look no further. Founder of Evrythng, and he founded dothegreenthing too, as well as Online Magic back in the day.

For general news try The Register,  with it’s often very British humour, the Verge, or the MIT Technology Review,  that has a lot of mobile entries at the moment.

If you’re looking for (often out there) business ideas then springwise is good and often has mobile themes to the business ideas.

So over to you, what reliable,  but perhaps not all that obvious sites do you use for mobile news and views.

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