Variances in prices paid for Mobile Data Contracts.

Posted on July 24, 2013


Recently Reuters is reporting on a report from Rewheel that there are wide variances in prices paid by consumers for their smartphone tariffs, and the reckon the difference are caused by having smaller “challenger” players in the market driving down costs.

“In markets like Germany and Spain – which lack what regulators call a “maverick” to discount voice, text, and data – consumers pay an average smartphone tariff of 44 euros a month compared with 22 euros in markets like France and Britain with challengers”
“In protected markets, a gigabyte of smartphone data costs an average of 20 euros, while in progressive markets it costs 6 euros,” wrote Rewheel in its report published on Wednesday.”

“Rewheel’s research also exposed a wide range in prices and the voice, text, and in data allotments given to consumers in different countries. A plan with 2 gigabytes of mobile data and at least 200 minutes of calls can cost anywhere between 8 euros in Estonia to 45 euros in Greece or Malta.

Germany, the region’s biggest mobile market, comes out particularly weak, with a 2 GB plan costing on average 38 euros compared to 20 euros in France or 15 euros in Britain, Rewheel found. “

Whilst it is no surprise that there are a range of prices across Europe, with Estonia about the cheapest and Greece about the most expensive,  this ability to charge more will be under threat if the single European zone is established, because all the players will be able to play in all countries.  This should mean a more equal price structure across Europe.  This has to be a good thing for those countries paying the high price at the moment.
I also think it will make BYOD more interesting as the benefits of a corporate tariff deal less stark.
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