IABUK’s Mobile Report 2012

Posted on July 24, 2013


The Internet Advertising Bureau has created a report on the state, market, whys and wherefores of Mobile Advertising.

So if you want to know about the different aspects of mobile advertising, then this report pretty much covers the lot.
Plenty to read on a wide range of subjects, with some good opinion pieces mixed with information. Not a lot of stats, however it does use data from FirstPartner to show ad spend as seen here
The report has 5 sections
the first covers subjects such as search, video, social media, display and so on.
Providing real advice on what can be done, what the figures are etc.
Another section covers the measurement, eg how to track your spend on mobile ads.
A look at Mobile Commerce including vouchering, NFC, mobile payments and loyalty, but not necessarily in that order form the next section
and on that point I note that the NFC is growing, gaining the regulation to drive standards, and that users like it.  as shown by the graph below (on page 60 of the report)
The fourth section looks at integrating mobile and has papers on augmented reality and a range of other technologies.
Although their last section on The future of mobile looks back more than forward.
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