Another gadget bites the smartphone dust.

Posted on March 19, 2013


Lots of gadgets are dying because smartphones are replacing them,

Here is a list of some of the struggling items:

  • watches (and stop watches etc)
  • alarm clocks
  • SatNavs
  • PDAs
  • Cameras
  • Voice/audio recorders
  • MP3 players (on the slippery slope)
  • Bed side lamps
  • toasters.
  • home phones
  • Laptops ?
  • torches
  • diaries
  • TVs ?
OK not toasters,  just put that there to keep you on your toes.Does make you wonder what will be next.

How long can a e-book market hold out ?
will mp3 players bite the dust ?and when you think about it,  why would you get a phone that will sit in one place,  in the vain hope you’ll be near it when someone calls, a bit crazy when you think about it,

but I confess I do have a home phone,  mostly for the cheaper calls, more than anything else.
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