An app for helping you understand a sports game, Rugby in this first use

Posted on February 7, 2013


  A small team of folks here in IBM have been creating an amazing app / web site.

when you watch a game of football or rugby or similar it can be quite hard to know who has the upper hand.

It might look like one side is dominating,  however the other side may have tactics that are being played out and so are more likely to win.

Knowing this can enhance your enjoyment of the game.  There’s an app for that.

The app considers what the “keys to the game are” (eg in Rugby it may be that a team must achieve a certain number of line breaks.  Shrug, no me neither).

This went live over the weekend for the England vs Scotland match in the Six nations tournament,  aka the Calcutta cup.

The idea is not to replace watching the game,  but rather to enhance that experience by having a screen you can glance at to better understand what’s happening.

The service was hosted on the RFU‘s web site, called IBM Trytracker and was a great success, so a big shout out to the team.

In short a great use of analytics for more than simply CRM type uses !

If you want to know more,  because there is more to this than meets the eye then let me know.

Below are some screen shots I took off my iPad.

Here you can see the graph showing the momentum,  and below that a history of the match’s main events.


Next up we have a shot showing the keys to the match for the England side.  The circles show that they were achieving them.


and lastly a shot showing who the key influencers are,  again by looking at their activities and determining who is over performing …


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