Mobile OSs their technologies and links

Posted on January 3, 2013


Here is a list of Mobile operating systems, their technologies supported and links to developer sites.

Platform Language(s) Form Factor URL Notes
Aliyun Java, C, C++ Smartphone Not enough Market share in Europe
Android Java, C, C++ Smartphone, Tablet, TV, Others Dominant in market share, but with huge number of variants
Bada C, C++ Smartphone No market share
Blackberry Java, Web Apps Smartphone Shrinking market share, BB10 may turn this round
Blackberry Playbook (QNX Actionscript, C++, HTML Tablet Small base, again watch for BB10
Brew MP C Featurephone Predominately American market.
iOS Objective-C, C Smartphone, Tablet 15% market share for smart phones, dominant in tablets.
Nokia OS (Series 30, 40) Java Me Featurephone Still good sales and market share in developing markets, less so EU.
Symbian (Series 60) C, C++, Java,Qt, Web Apps, others Smartphone Rapidly dwindling market share.
Windows 8 C#, VB.NET, C++ Smartphone Growing market share, but from low base

and some future

Platform Language(s) Form Factor URL Notes
BlackBerry 10 C, C++, HTML, AIR Smartphone, Tablet Launching Jan 2013. Large push by RIM to gain developer traction
Firefox OS HTML Smartphone May be reduced to a reference architecture
Mer HTML, C/Qt Smartphone MeeGo made open source. No launch plans
Tizen HTML Smartphone Samsung are looking for non-Android solution.
Ubuntu Java, C, C++, HTML5, QML “Superphone”, smartphone Desktop on your phone. Looking for non Google OEMs to take up.

Sourced from the Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy

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