IBM 5 in 5: the phone, and your five senses

Posted on December 19, 2012


its that time of year when predictions are made,  and old predictions can be laughed at.

I work for IBM,  and the IBM Research Labs have put out a piece on mobiles and senses, called 5 in 5.
It’s a good read.  Talks about how for example you’ll be able to feel textures generated by your phone’s screen.
The one that caught my attention was the sense of smell.
Not that the phone generates smells, I can do that for myself !
but rather that the phone can sense the smalls around it,  and for example detect if you are suffering from a virus, or if an environment is safe or not.
This seems to me like a great thing,  and comes hot on the heals of nano sensors that are starting to emerge.
These can already take a drop of blood send it through a range if fine tubes and then perform a range of tests for germs and the like.  Pretty incredible.
Brilliant in particular if you are away from a hospital’s lab.  makes use of the huge computing power that hones have these days.
Which of the 5 takes your interest ?
Here is the “story map” image stolen from the IBM R&D web site. There is one for each of the senses …
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