Mobile apps – the power of free – fonejacker case study

Posted on October 23, 2012


I was at the mobile apps show in london in early october 2012

The Fonejacker is a very popular app from the team at Hat Trick Productions,  based on the TV programme.

The reason I write this is the graph below taken fromHat Trick’s presentation, shows the power of free.

Here are some facts and figures RE the app

Over 500,000 downloads
•Over 1.3 million updates (across seven updates)
•Highest grossing UK entertainment app of 2010
•5th highest overall UK app (based on
units sold) of 2010
•Four star App Store review based on 3,154 ratings
•Over 141,000 ringtone requests
•Shop section (as of mid 2011):
–6,455 click throughs to iTunes
–4,293 click throughs to DVDs
–18,032 to merch (t-shirts, mouse mats)

and here is their sales graph.  Note the spike, it is when they gave it away free for one day.

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