Selling on mobiles – big pictures please

Posted on October 18, 2012


I have been looking at a lot of m-commerce sites,  ok most are e-commerce sites designed for PCs,  but hey.

When I am going to buy something that includes a sense of taste, eg clothing, accessories etc  I want to see what I am going to buy.

I want to be happy it is what I was thinking off,  What’s the cloth like, etc,  all this is easiest with a good picture or two.

yet,  yet,  yet …

so often you are served up a tiny picture,  and a lot of product blurb … with the majority of the real estate being on the blurb.

I know as a product manager or whatever you’ve spent time writing the product description,  but what is going to make me buy is the picture, at least 9 times out of ten.

And no,  I do not want a small picture that is a link to a large picture,  that’s just more “friction2 in the purchase, more for me to do,  more reasons not to bother, to go elsewhere.

So I know this means having more assets in your media repository, I know it means ceding some control to the visuals,  but believe me humans are predominately a visual creature, and on a mobile I tend to be wanting a specifi thing,  not browsing, and not digging around for lots of product details.

Also if I have the ability to send a product idea to someone else (by any means, i don’t care) make sure the link is a deep link to the product, and leading with the picture/visual.  don’t sent the recipient to some list page or some such.

and while I am at it,  what is it with deep product hierarchies ?  I know you have a lot of products, in a lot of ranges,  but give me an easier way to get to what I want, instead of making me drill down through several layers of your product catalogue. please.

OK I’ll shut up, take a big breath,  and carry on.

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