Trouble back at the mill, connections is not connected !

Posted on April 24, 2012


I have been writing some blog entries within IBM for a while,  however they are on the intranet there, and therefore not visible to anyone else.  so i thought I’d transfer them to here,  and then keep the two blogs n sync.  

Easier said than done because I cannot just export the entries from IBM Connections straight into here,  and I would really like to preserve the date and time, but I cannot work out how to do that quickly enough, therefore I will simply copy them over one by one,  and it will just have to look like a wrote a lot of articles on one day !

And thinking about it (yes smoke arise from my head,  so unaccustomed to thinking) I’ll only move those from 2012 the rest are getting a lot like me (old and wrinkly).


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