iPhone 4s uses double the data of an iPhone 3G

Posted on April 24, 2012


This was originally posted to my internal IBM blog on 18:00 20/03/2012, Steve Devo, Mobile Internet

Hi Reuters are are reporting that the iPhone 4S is using twice as much data.

why is this you may ask.


I think it is due to Siri.

It works by capturing your voice and then sending it back to the cloud for processing before returning the results.

This leads to quite a lot of data upload.

‘twould be good to see the data usage graphs for the networks, and see how the uplink is faring, because the uplink is given much less bandwidth than the download.

Anyway there are reports that operators are loosing money on iPhone 4S customers because of this issue.

Meanwhile Siri users continue to try and catch it out, or get it confused, presumably this novelty use will slow down, bit it will remain an issue for some time to come.

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