Future of Mobile – Business Insider

Posted on April 24, 2012


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Thanks to Chris Bray for sharing this story on the future of mobile.

It seems like the authors were in awe of the fact that smart phones allow people to do more more often, and so usage is growing.

(they repeat the fact that of the 5.6B phones only 800k are smart phones, yet already those smartphone users are creating a massive amount of usage and revenue.

They cite the fact that Draw something has grown at a phenomenal rate (1 million users in 9 days) but they do not show the fact that there are in the UK alone 100 new games per day being put up in the Apple App store, and a not dissimilar in the google app store, and most of these never make a red cent of profit.

That said if you’re lucky to get into the staff picks or similar then your name is made.

It is going to be a wild ride, and the future of mobile is bright, <tongue in cheek> the future’s orange ;-) and it will drive new behaviours, this is why IBM must redouble its efforts in the space.

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