A day in glass

Posted on April 24, 2012


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I have been saying for many years now that the future of computing, is for your phone (and now it may be your tablet) to be the compute and storage device that you carry around with you, and that it auto connects to screens, keyboards, mice and other input devices. Thus you have a single thing to look after a single place for all your stuff, and yet use it in the way that best makes sense at the time. For example I like a keyboard for this type of work, but am happy with an onscreen kb for web browsing.

I came across this video from the people behind gorilla glass, and it is amazing, it describes a world where there are large touch screen displays in many locations, and they do not have to be flat either. This is pretty close to what I think the future will (or at least should) look like. I am not sure about the throw content onto other screens thing (you’ll see) because that if fraught with issues, but even so, the whole separation of computing / storage with the display makes a lot of sense.

But what do you think ?

Is there a bug in connections, in edit mode I get the right video, but when it renders the blog proper, I get the preceding video (on penguin books) repeated. if the vid below is a book then use this link to the video on you tube. http://youtu.be/X-GXO_urMow

So in case you cannot see it, or are not able to sit through it, the video shows that touch screens with a small cpu (and special OS) are able to be used in a range of places, because the glass is thin, light and very strong. They show it is use on walls (as walls, on furniture, as a car dashboard (the entire thing!) and so on. Not all applications are flat and some are huge, as in 15 foot high and 40 feet long. All are displaying from the tablet that the central character is carrying around with her.

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